DSC01671.pngOn the heels of holiday over-indulgence, I spent last weekend going over my pantry inventory, pulling out extra cans of favorite items to send to the food bank and shelter to restock their pantry for the new year.  I tend to go overboard stocking yummy cans of fire-roasted tomatoes because they have depth of flavor and are so handy when you want some flair without excess seasonings!  There were also lots of beets and peaches; my favorite combination.  And you don’t need to dress it.  :O

This salad is a snap to make, very pretty and very cost effective any size party. I have it a few times a month for the health benefits and prettiness.  Beets aid antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification support.  They also have a very high concentration of Lutein, which is an important component for eye health (yes, I need that).  For managing blood pressure naturally, beets also have nitric oxide which relaxes your blood vessels and help your arteries stay properly dilated. A glass of beet juice a day is an easy way to bring your blood pressure to a healthy range.

And if you don’t already have a window sill of mint, now’s the time to grow them.  Did you know they now come infused with flavor?  We have a little plot of chocolate mint, spearmint, orange mint etc. They are great for your fruit waters and salad recipes.  Right now, my favorite is orange mint. It’s like having orange in your water, when it’s really just mint leaves.

:: Can of beets, drain and rinse
:: Can of peaches, drain syrup
:: Handful of mint
:: A cup of crumbled feta cheese

:: Toss beets and peaches in a bowl.
:: Top with crumbled feta cheese and mint.
:: Then chill. No dressing needed. That’s all. 🙂


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