Hi Gorgeous!  Take a deep breath!  I realize this is going to sound confusing.  :p   Last week, I said let’s be sure to grow some mint by our window sill this year, for all the recipe possibilities, and even just as garnish.    And now I’m going to tell you mint is so easy to grow, even more so when you give it a little love and attention, that from time to time you will find yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to do with sooooo much mint!

Then what do you do?  :O   No, no, don’t start cutting them back!


There are so many mint recipes, but my favorite (and least cleaning up :p) way for taking care of my mint overgrowth is blending/juicing; pineapple, cucumber, mint and lemon juice.  It is fresh, it detoxifies and it hydrates!  Cucumber has high water content and Vitamin K.  Pineapples have Vitamin C, enzymes and minerals to aid digestion.  Mint is an excellent blood cleanser.  Think glowing skin and clear complexion.  And, who wouldn’t start their day with the brightness of lemon juice?

:: Cucumber
:: Pineapples
:: Handful of mint leaves.
:: Some water or juice.
:: Ice
You can add some honey for sweetness.

Blend all the above into a pretty speckly mix of different shades of green.  Pour into a pretty glass.  Sometimes, I would just stare into it for a bit before drinking. Like ‘Wow, you and I are going to start this day right, aren’t we?’  

This juice will help you shake off those holiday indulgences and start clean!  Enjoy!


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