I have a quirky grocery shopping habit.  I buy fruit singly when I can.  A variety fruit bowl on the table is a colorful delight and makes a merrier sight.   Mimi loves blueberries and apples, and I’ll juice or make salads with the rest of it.

Citrus in the winter is my saving grace.   It is loaded with vitamin C to help you ward off those winter sniffles.  It reminds me of sunshine, summer and warm weather.  While the rest of the country is in negative temperatures, our California winter has so far graced us with a mild winter.


This is probably my favorite citrus salad.  I make it whenever my fruit bowl is full of orange and grapefruit varieties.   It is so pretty that just prepping and slicing makes me happy. 😀


I don’t dress this salad at all, except for mint leaves and some pepper.  It’s that simple.  And simple is good for me.  🙂

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