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This needs no introduction. Messy food is good food! Whether it be tailgating, a BBQ, or just a regular weekend in your backyard, chicken wings are always a hit. There are just 3 ingredients for this marinate. Prep ahead and freeze if you can.  The longer it marinates, the better they taste!  Alcohol is optional and it burns off with cooking, so this is completely kid friendly.

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:: Chicken drumstick and wing sections
:: Orange marmalade jam.  The ones with the orange peel in the jar are the best!
:: Ginger powder (Optional: A natural tenderizer and great for a spicy kick)
:: Bourbon whiskey.

:: Make slits in the chicken sections.
:: To your liking. Combine spoonfuls of marmalade jam with a dash of ginger power and splashes of bourbon whiskey.
: Combine chicken pieces and marinade in a ziploc bag.  Marinate for at least 3 hours.  Better overnight or a few days in advance in the freezer.
:: To prepare, grill with orange slices or roast in the oven at 375 deg for 45 mins.
:: Serve with lots of napkins!


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  1. #thellygoodlife: Tried the wing marmalade recipe. The marinade became watery when I baked it. I think I was supposed to remove the juice and had to cook them a bit longer. Oh well, live and learn. My family still loved them and ate them all. Will get it right next time.

    1. Hi Montoya! Thank you for the feedback. When baked, they should be sticky, not wet. And they are really good slightly charred on the grill. The marmalade flavor really comes through.

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