DSC04678On Tuesday, I made this simplified Singapore ‘Popiah’ or fresh spring rolls. It seemed appropriate for a 90 degree day.


Every culture has their own wrap. Typically friends and family gather around to fill thin flour crepes and lettuce with an assortment of condiments. Like a Chinese burrito party, you could say! Lots of laughs when someone’s overstuffed crepe roll bursts! I made this simplified version for my one-person meal. good for a few days (I could eat Popiah all week! It’s my comfort food.) just jicama, carrots, mushrooms with fresh lettuce, sweet soy sauce and garlic chili, but the full version has about 10 different condiments; sweet soy sauce, garlic chili, garlic paste, crushed peanuts, bean sprouts, fried garlic chips, mashed hard boiled eggs, boiled shrimp, chinese sausage, julienned cucumbers…. of course the lettuce and filling too!


So many things going into one hand roll, it sure is a umami of flavors bouncing about. Who wants to come to my Popiah Party when I have the full version out? :p Until then, this simplified one-person version will satisfy my craving for some homestyle comfort food.

For Filling for 2-4 persons
:: Diced garlic, about 3 cloves.
:: 1 medium to large Jicama, shredded
:: 4-6 medium carrots, shredded
:: Yeo’s brand salted soy beans, 2 tablespoon
:: Ground chicken or pork (Optional. Usually pork but I made this recipe vegetarian with shitake mushrooms)
:: Shitake mushrooms, diced (Optional)
:: 1-2 cups Chicken or vegetable stock
:: Salt
:: White pepper
:: Table spoon of sugar

Put all filling ingredients in a pot, cover and cook on low to medium heat for about a half hour, stirring occasionally to mix well. Filling is ready when jicama and carrot cooks down to a slaw.


To make Popiah, traditionally we use a flour+egg+water mixture very very thin crepe (more like a french crepe than a thai or vietnamese spring roll papers),  then lettuce, condiments and fillings go in it. I’m keeping it simple with just lettuce.


First, you smear sweet soy sauce and garlic chili on lettuce leaves. Then, top with the jicama-carrot filling. If you have more condiments, they are added now.


Then roll it up and get in my tummy! As simple, refreshing and healthy as can be!


I need lots of hands and hungry tummies for the full version.  Who’s coming to my Popiah Party this summer? 😀


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