Roses 🌹 are beautiful,
Chocolates 🍫 are thoughtful.
French crepes are delightful and
Salads can be #artful! 😍

If you are hosting Mother’s Day brunch this weekend, consider this a stand-out dish to complete the #brunch table.

Juicy #strawberries 🍓, peppery #pea#sprouts 🌱, delicate sliced #almonds and #sweetpeas go really well together. The #flavors are extraordinary, and the colors so pretty, too. 😋

If you cannot find pea sprouts, you can use baby #arugula. Both veggies are similar in size and have a peppery taste.


Strawberries, Almond and Pea Sprouts Salad
:: 1 bowl of pea sprouts or arugula
:: 1 cup quartered strawberries
:: 1 handful of frozen peas, defrosted
:: 1 handful of sliced almonds
:: Dressing. My favorite for this salad is strawberry, raspberry vinaigrette or similar.

Optional: If you’re feeling extra fancy, shave some good cheese or feta over it.

Assemble sprouts and top with strawberries and almonds. Add dressing just before serving.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the gorgeous #mamas and #furmamas I know! 😘

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