It’s fridge randoms night.  The night before we start a new week of groceries and meal planning.  Tonight we have an adult version of a childhood menu.

Lemon Parsley Pasta 🍋 with Breaded Fish🐟, Buttermilk Panko Green Tomatoes 🍅 and a Lemon Herb Dressing. 🌿

Lemon Parsley Pasta (the lazy way)
:: Place some olive oil, parsley flakes and 2 lemon slices or lemon pepper in the pan.
:: Heat pan.
:: Add cooked pasta.
:: Toss till combined and fragrant.
:: Salt and pepper to taste.
Buttermilk Panko Green Tomatoes
:: 1 bowl of buttermilk (or egg)
:: 1 bowl of Panko with 2 tsp flour
:: Green tomato slices
:: Dip one tomato slice at a time in buttermilk, then panko mix.
:: Pan or deep fry until golden brown.
What’s for dinner at your home tonight?


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