img_7512Originating from Java, Indonesia, Tauhu Telor is humble food that’s meatless and packed with protein; tofu, eggs, sticky soy sauce are the main ingredients.  The tofu omelette is usually fried in a tall stainless steel basket but you can make the omelette any shape you like with egg rings or a muffin pan.  I found my frying basket at Daiso.  The important stuff is the veggies and sticky sweet sauce.

This is a must-order at every Indonesian restaurant.  Served as an appetizer but you’ll find yourself having to resist another serving or you won’t have room for the main course.  And I wouldn’t blame you!  It’s hard to resist!


Tauhu Telor
(Indonesian Tofu Omelette)
:: 1/2 block tofu, drain liquids
:: 5 eggs 🥚
:: 1 cup beansprouts, blanched
:: Carrots, julienned 🥕
:: Cucumber, julienned
:: Crushed peanuts 🥜
:: Indonesian kecap manis. ABC Brand 👍🏻. It’s a sticky thick sweet soy sauce. Great for dipping egg rolls and frying rice.
:: In a bowl, beat eggs. Add tofu and mash into medium chunks.
:: Fry omelette as usual, or use egg rings or bake in muffin tin.
:: Top omelette with julienned cucumber and carrots.
:: Garnish with crushed peanuts.
:: Drizzle with sweet sticky caramelizrd soy sauce. And I won’t blame you for over pouring it! 😋
Enjoy! #nopassportrequired today. ✈️


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