This simple tomato salad screams SUMMMMER! It is bursting with color and freshness.  We had an abundance of tomatoes and herbs, so this seem the perfect warm weather side dish. The fresh herbs give a delightful pop with little bursts of flavors with every bite. Just a spritz of lemon juice was all the brightness required.  No dressing needed.  It was a great no-cook way to use up last night’s cooked pasta on a hot hot day and is a beautiful salad to bring along for a potluck or beach picnic.  You’re sure to get compliments!


:: Colorful tomatoes
:: Fresh basil (pick small leaves)
:: Fresh mint (pick small leaves)
:: Cooked pasta
:: 1 lemon
:: Salt and pepper.  I used coarse restaurant style black pepper.  Love the grainy texture.

:: In a large bowl, place pasta on bottom.  Top with tomatoes.
:: Arrange basil and mint leaves.
:: Spritz juice of a lemon.  Season with salt and pepper.
:: Best served chilled.



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