When selling your home, it is incredibly important to consider who you are selling to and what they are looking for; who’s in the market to buy and what home features are most attractive to them.

Open Floor Plans
Generation X and Millennials make up a large majority of buyers looking for an open floor concept, allowing them to maximize on space, choose from a variety of furniture layouts and decor, and entertain guests in a flowing space.

Smart Home Features
New technologies for automating your home are popping up every single day. From sprinklers to lights to door locks, smart devices are of great interest to home buyers.

Solar Energy
Going green and finding ways to lower monthly bills is a big goal for many home buyers. A home equipped with solar panels not only achieves this but allows home buyers to introduce renewable energy into their home

Tiny Homes
Many home buyers are looking to jump on the tiny house trend, particularly those who are minimalists or are first-time home buyers.

Voice Control Features
In line with the desire for home automation, the addition of voice-controlled devices in the home are a huge selling point. Although investing in improvements and additions that follow these trends may have upfront costs, the payoff will be worth it. Take them into account as you prepare to sell you home and use them to stage your home more effectively and ultimately help you make the sale.

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