I’ve suddenly become a glass and crystal ware collector. I bought this sectioned dessert tray not knowing what I’ll do with it and now my white dishes may have to make room for glass everything. 😬

So while I ponder, enjoy this recipe of smoked salmon and bagels. This breakfast platter cost about $10 so start the prep on Wednesday evening and invite your family over for brunch this weekend.

Smoked Salmon/Lox
:: 1 piece of salmon
:: 1 cup of Morton Salt Kosher Salt (Only use Kosher Salt)
:: 1 cup sugar
:: Mix salt and sugar in a bowl
:: Lay salmon in a deep dish
:: Cover salmon completely with salt and sugar mixture. You may need to mix another batch if necessary.
:: Cover with clear wrap
:: Refrigerate for at least 48 hours
:: Rinse salt and sugar mixture off salmon. Slice thinly, at an angle, with a sharp knife. And serve with condiments of your choice.


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