About Audrey

A Singapore transplant, Audrey graduated from the University of Southern Australia with a BA in Media Management and London Chamber of Commerce in Business Management.

Audrey began her professional life in the fast-paced industry of advertising, public relations, communications and event management. She was involved in The Winter Olympics, James Bond franchise, touring Cirque du Soleil and Pepsi/Michael Jackson concerts and others.

Through this experience, she learned invaluable people skills, the art of remaining calm under pressure and acquired an eye for the nitty-gritty details.  Audrey also brings a diverse, multi-cultural flair from around the globe to her career.

In Los Angeles, Audrey started an online retail store, then a brick-and-mortar shop offering vintage and pre-loved home decor.  With encouragement from her customers, Audrey added real estate services to her business.

Her hospitality and charm make her a natural fit for a real estate career.
mimi and bunny
Audrey lives with her husband Robert, dog Mimi and bunny named Bunny’ in the Plaza area of Long Beach, CA. When not at work, Audrey can be found scouring the flea markets for unique finds.  She is also a freelance recipe creator and photographer and loves to host at home.





M: 626.216.4216


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