Garlic, Kale + White Bean Soup

Soup season is closing in faster than anticipated.  I love soup… and even more so, I love the humble porridge.  Almost by default, if I’m alone at home, it’s porridge; the same porridge.  I would make it every day from scratch.  And also in the summer.  I know… I know… I sound like a grandma right?   And that has sparked a little discussion among my friends.  […]

2-Ingredient Perfect Hostess Chicken Wings

I am long overdue sharing this recipe! I keep bags of this marinated in my freezer. The longer you marinate, the better it gets.  And if someone shows up unexpectedly, all you need is 20 minutes in the oven (toaster ovens work too), and you’ve got good food to go with good company. It’s sweet, sticky, little spicy and garlicky.  It’s gone as far back as 4 football […]

Beet, Feta and Peaches Salad

On the heels of holiday over-indulgence, I spent last weekend going over my pantry inventory, pulling out extra cans of favorite items to send to the food bank and shelter to restock their pantry for the new year.  I tend to go overboard stocking yummy cans of fire-roasted tomatoes because they have depth of flavor and are so handy when you want some flair without excess seasonings!  There were also lots of beets and […]