Pear Nectar and Thyme Cocktail

This is a refreshing take on the traditional mimosa. Simply swap orange juice for pear nectar. Thyme is optional but it definitely adds an aromatic flavor to it. A morning cocktail that’ll surely impress your guests. TIP Champagne can never be too cold. According to French champagne producer, Moët, to achieve proper dilution, the champagne must […]

Happy Belly Weekend

Lots of happy bellies this weekend.  This time hosting a little brunch for our vendors, coworkers and friends.  Every time a new dish comes out, all our camera phones get busy then pause… pause… pause…. silence…. pause…. I hear the boys shifting in their chairs…. polite smiles turn into frowns…. all waiting for the girls to be sure we caught a good picture…. ‘It’s a girl’s thing!’, the boys say… then I go ‘Got it!! Let’s eat!’… and the dining room breaks out into excitement again!   HAHA.  And you thought boys were rarely into sweet things.  

Perfect Breakfast Potatoes

Because potatoes are a must this Easter weekend, I’ll like to share my two step trick for crisp potatoes with creamy insides, all without deep frying. This recipe produces results that resemble KFC’s potato wedges. Crisp outside and creamy inside but skinnier and healthier for you. 😋 This method is fast enough that I make it […]