Roasted Beet and Sweet Potato Fries with Tahini Sauce

What can be healthier, and tastier than a side of roasted veggies? Roasting veggies (especially root veggies) brings out the best flavor in them. Simply oven roast or grill them in olive oil and salt, then drizzle tahini dressing over them. How easy is that for an addictive yet healthy side dish. Ingredients: :: Package […]

Happy Belly Weekend

Lots of happy bellies this weekend.  This time hosting a little brunch for our vendors, coworkers and friends.  Every time a new dish comes out, all our camera phones get busy then pause… pause… pause…. silence…. pause…. I hear the boys shifting in their chairs…. polite smiles turn into frowns…. all waiting for the girls to be sure we caught a good picture…. ‘It’s a girl’s thing!’, the boys say… then I go ‘Got it!! Let’s eat!’… and the dining room breaks out into excitement again!   HAHA.  And you thought boys were rarely into sweet things.  

Tauhu Telor (Indonesian Tofu Omelette)

Originating from Java, Indonesia, Tauhu Telor is humble food that’s meatless and packed with protein; tofu, eggs, sticky soy sauce are the main ingredients.  The tofu omelette is usually fried in a tall stainless steel basket but you can make the omelette any shape you like with egg rings or a muffin pan.  I found […]

Buttermilk+Panko Fried Green Tomatoes

It’s fridge randoms night.  The night before we start a new week of groceries and meal planning.  Tonight we have an adult version of a childhood menu. Lemon Parsley Pasta 🍋 with Breaded Fish🐟, Buttermilk Panko Green Tomatoes 🍅 and a Lemon Herb Dressing. 🌿 Lemon Parsley Pasta (the lazy way) :: Place some olive oil, […]