The Belly Good Life

Why “The Belly Good Life”?

Hello!  The Belly Good Life is the foodie arm of Conversation Pieces. It is dedicated to my business family… the people who love to gather and eat… at our home and at the store.

The origin of this food blog is in a tiny studio apartment in Monrovia, CA.  At that time, I had little resources and entertained myself creating meals with what was available in the pantry.

Delivering Quality Work and Good Food  😀

Conversation Pieces started with very little after my divorce.  There was no time to wait for job responses before I would lose my dogs.  eCommerce was at its infancy then. Armed with my experience working for WorldPay, the first eCommerce website builder in the world, I knocked on doors, promising quality work to clothing manufacturers who would let me build us an online marketplace.  And just like that, I was able to have a tiny tree house and put my dogs, Britz and Angel, at the pet hotel until I could take them home. YAY!

My early followers know that my way of thanks to our vendors and business associates was a lunch box or a home event. Today we remain close knit over quality work and good food. #bestpeople

No Fancy Ingredients or Fad Diets.  Just Real Food.

In reflection of where we came from, how food has shaped my business, friendships and personal eating habits, this recipe blog will not be about fancy ingredients, elaborate photography or fad diets.

It is truly about how we eat and entertain at home; affordable, accessible ingredients and easy, healthy recipes.  And how you too can make beautiful, healthful, colorful meals, whether it is dinner for 2 or a party of 20; all without making too much of a mess and with accessible seasonal ingredients.  If you have a food allergy, reach out to me.  I am happy to offer alternative ingredients to the recipe just for your needs.

No-Cooking Cooking

My style of cooking is the no-cooking cooking.  Minimum prep, minimum mess, maximum color and deliciousness.  I like meals that allow me to prep and step away, take a shower and magically have dinner ready to serve.

Back from a hiatus….

I took a break from recipe blogging for over a year.

Special thanks to my customer and friend, Carmen, who has inspired me to resume recording my food adventures. Every week, she comes to the store to tell me about another recipe she’s tried and says “I can say to friends ‘I just pop this in the oven and go take a shower!  Just like you!'”    Carmen, I am glad you are back in the kitchen, achieving better health without losing a minute!

And that is THE BELLY GOOD LIFE. 🙂

THANK YOU Becky and everyone for constantly asking ‘What happened to the recipe blog?’.  It’s back, it’s back, it’s back!  And we are going to have so much fun. 🙂

Love, Audrey


Interested in working with us? Occasionally we create sponsored posts for brands that are a good fit for The Belly Good Life. We’re also available for recipe development & photography. Contact me for more information.


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